Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"No Matter What" by Badfinger

Badfinger is one of the most tragic bands in rock history. Record company bullshit and bad management led to one member committing suicide in 1975, and then another committed suicide in 1983 (both by hanging). When I was in high school, long after the band's brief heyday, they were the "great forgotten band" that I championed the way hipsters these days carry on about bands you've never heard of. At that time, their entire catalog was out of print without even a best-of album available. Now at least I can take comfort that over the years a handful of Badfinger's songs have become classic rock staples, including this one.

Original lyrics:
No matter where you go
There would always be a place
Can't you see it in my face, girl
Ooh girl, want you

Lewd lyrics:
No matter where you go
There will always be a place
For you to sit here on my face, girl
Ooh girl, please do

My wife complains that popular culture features too many blowjobs and not nearly enough pussy eating, so I dedicate this entry to her as my little way of restoring balance in the oral sex world.

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