Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes

I hate this band so much. That's why my first post on this blog was a Yes song. No one was more disgusted by the second coming of Yes in 1983 with 90210* than I was. This song was the album's first single, biggest hit, and most persistent "classic rock" track.

Original lyrics
Owner of a lonely heart

Lewd Lyrics:
Blower of a lonely fart

The worst thing about this song is the recurring orchestra bits that sound like synthesizer farts. With those in mind, the lewd lyrics fit the music better than the original gibberish.

* Yeah, I know it's called 90125 for the record's catalog number, but if I'm messing with the lyrics anyway, I may as well call the album whatever I want. And 90210 is at least closer to the original title than the more descriptive Steaming Pile of Elephant Feces.

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