Friday, September 3, 2010

"Forever Man" by Eric Clapton

Unlike most of the songs altered on this blog, "Forever Man" is a decent tune. It's not Clapton's best (he didn't write it, by the way), but it's better than a lot of the lame stuff he put out later. This rewrite could almost be a mondegreen (misunderstood lyric), but it would take a sick bastard like me to think Eric was actually singing these words:

Original lyrics:
Won't you be my forever woman?
I'll try to be your forever man

Lewd lyrics:
Won't you be my four-rubber woman?
I'll try to be your four-rubber man

He's asking if she'll let him screw her brains out, and in turn he's promising to do his best to burn through four rubbers in one session. At age 40 in 1985, Clapton probably wasn't the young stud he used to be, and this song came out pre-Viagra. But he was willing to give it his best shot.

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